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Nanjing High Technology Nano Material Co., Ltd.|Buyer/Supplier Position:Sales Manager

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Nanjing High Technology Nano Material Co., Ltd.
company: Nanjing High Technology Nano Material Co., Ltd.
Position: Sales Manager
Introduction:About us Nanjing High Technology Nano Material Co., Ltd. (HTNano) was founded in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, in 2001. We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in nanotechnology research, production and application in various industries. We have nano research Institute, nano material production plant, sales department, purchasing department, finance department, quality inspection department. HTNano has formed a nanotechnology research team composed of Professors and Doctors from well-known universities, with the extensive support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many well-known domestic universities. We have been rewared the second prize of the National Sic.&Tech. Progress Award in 2005, China Environmental Product Type II Certification of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the 2006 Sci.&Tech. Achievement and Entrepreneurship Transformation Fund of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Spark Program Excellent enterprise, Nano Star Enterprise ,etc. Currently, our company is able to provide our customers with nano meter oxide and nano meter functional composite materials. Our products include nanometer titanium oxide (TiO2), nanometer silicon oxide (SiO2), nanometer aluminum oxide (Al2O3), nanometer zinc oxide (ZnO), nanometer magnesium oxide (MgO), nanometer zirconium oxide (ZrO2), antimony doped tin oxide nanometer powder (ATO), lithium iron phosphate nanometer powder (LiFePO4), nanometer antistatic powder, nanometer negative ion powder, nanometer far-infrared powder, nanometer inorganic anti-bacterial powder nanometer UV shielding powder. Because of their unique properties, our products have a wide variety of applications in composites, coating, catalyst, biomedical, electronic, optical, and Energy Industries, and have been exported to more than 10 countries and areas such as America, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Britain, France, Austria and German. Our Products Nano oxide materials: nanometer titanium oxide (HTTi), nanometer silicon oxide (HTSi), nanometer aluminum oxide (HTAl), nanometer zinc oxide (HTZn), nanometer magnesium oxide (HTMg) and nanometer zirconium oxide (HTZr). Nano functional materials: nanometer antimony doped tin oxide powder (HTATO), nanometer lithium iron phosphate powder (HTLFP). nanometer antistatic powder (HTC), nanometer negative ion powder (HTQ), nanometer far-infrared powder (HTY), nanometer inorganic anti-bacterial powder (HTB) and nanometer UV shielding powder (HTU).
Procurement:nano alumina,high purity nanometer titanium oxide electronic grade tio2,high purity nano zirconium oxide htzrp,nanometer silicon oxide sio2,nanometer magnesium oxide mgo,nanometer zirconium oxide zro2,new high efficiency water purification nano material htjs 01,nanometer inorganic anti bacterial powder htb

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