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Lydia wang

Lydia wang(China)

Yinchuan KESTER Electronic Technology Co.,LTD|Supplier Position:Sales manager

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Yinchuan KESTER Electronic Technology Co.,LTD
company: Yinchuan KESTER Electronic Technology Co.,LTD
Position: Sales manager
Introduction:We, Yinchuan Kaster Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,as well-established with more than a decade of experience selling and trading sophisticated Electro-hydraulic products in China. Our company specializing in High-end automation equipment and accessories both domestic and abroad. Apart from providing you excellent advanced Electro-hydraulic products, our team is also committed to operational excellence and superior customer service.Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we always focus on providing skilled technology and years of maintenance experience.  We have famous brands as rexroth, aventics, DANFOSS,parker and other affordable alternative manufacturers. Our products are plunger pump, solenoid valve, gear pump, vane pump, direction valve, servo valve, proportional valve, hydraulic valve, hydraulic pump, etc.

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Lydia wang
Lydia wangPublish2023-09-18

Supplyplunger pump, solenoid valve, gear pump, vane pump, direction valve, servo valve, proportional valve, hydraulic valve, hydraulic pump, etc.

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