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havey zhang

havey zhang(China)

Shenzhen green material company.|Buyer/Supplier Position:Vice general manager

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Shenzhen green material company.
company: Shenzhen green material company.
Position: Vice general manager
Introduction:Shenzhen green material operate BIO based material By now, we have accmulated well screened partners of good commercial records and secured payments across the globe. With wide experience in brokerage of grains, oilseeds, pulses, oils and by-products, both in containers and in bulk. We are operating around 500,000 metric tons of cargoes per year.
Procurement:sorghum,rice bran,shortening,23031010,PLA

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havey zhang
havey zhangPublish2023-02-06

Procurement深圳绿能生物材料公司,是一家专门从事生物可降解材料进出口贸易公司,真寻找国外的, PLA.树脂,及其,牡蛎,改开发中国市场,欢迎有资源的,专业人士与哈维博士, 008613141688828 ;email :harvey

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havey zhang
havey zhangPublish2023-02-06

ProcurementPLA是100%生物且完全可堆肥的聚合物,可是它的柔韧摄氏60°C上下便会软化,这使得PLA材质在产品包装和容器方面的应用范围受到严重的限制。hry zhang 博士的技术团队专注于科学研究如何更好地将脆和柔开发了1种聚乳酸(PLA)杯子,这些杯子透明度高、柔韧不会收缩。

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