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Paul(New Zealand)

TK Import and Export Limited|Buyer/Supplier Position:Business Development Manager

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TK Import and Export Limited
company: TK Import and Export Limited
Position: Business Development Manager
Introduction:TK Import and Export is a New Zealand based and operated international exporting company with various business lines categorized in strategic units such as fresh produce, cereals, grains & lentils, oil & honey, meat & seafood, milk powders & butter and animal feed. Throughout our history, we have nurtured our relationships from the basis of building solid supply chains and enabling the company to pioneer the way in which New Zealand’s and global premium range of products are exported. We consistently maintain our exceptional reputation for securing and trading large volumes of the highest quality products for both the New Zealand and overseas markets. It is of no coincidence that TK Groups’ capabilities so closely align with the needs of our customers. We have grown and developed with them and indeed, we have advanced our capabilities in anticipation of the future. We look forward to welcoming new customers and continuing to inspire and exceed the expectations of our loyal ones. +64 276402721
Procurement:wheat flour,maida,all purpose wheat flour,honey,fruits,vegetables,milk powder,frozen fish,frozen meat,barley corn wheat soybeans soybean splits flaxseed oats peas rye spelt rice chia seed quinoa chickpeas and many more

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