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Introduction:We Shan Traders Group is Indias largest merchandise exporter of Fresh, Halal and Frozen meat and pet food and Saddlery. Our Product is being delivered from India to various countries like China, HaiPhong Vietnam, UAE, Sri Lanka, South Africa and more. We fulfill the aspect need of serving frozen buffalo offals including buffalo cheek meat, heart pipe, tongue, tail, tripe, omasum and honeycomb. Whole Chicken, Chicken cuts like wings & mid joint wings and chicken offals like paw and feet. We also provide seafood which is the desire of every importer in global market.As a meat trader, primarily we focus on food safety and quality. We are directly associated with APEDA approved slaughter houses across the India. Our packaging of all the cuts is checked under expert supervision by qualified packers. All the products across the plants are basically examined in severe hygienic conditions so that all the cuts are kept in freezing units and packed as per international industry standards.Our well skilled sales and marketing channel is expert to build a long term planned business relationship and to work strongly with our local suppliers and overseas customers. We always work to deliver trustworthy supplier business model for customer satisfaction through our best and reliable services.

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